In last 2,3 years, Internet has aggressively penetrated in Pakistan. One of several advantages of Internet is that it allows you to make money out of it, and several Pakistanis are effectively earning a handsome amount online using different methods depending upon their interests and skill set. There used to be times when making money over Internet needed programming and web development skills but it isn't the case now. Today, there are so many easy ways to make money online living in Pakistan or anywhere. But since this article is intended to Pakistani readers, so there is a list of methods that are popularly being used by Pakistanis over Internet for making money online.

1. Facebook Pages

Making money with Facebook pages is the latest trend, specially in Pakistan. You create a Facebook page, bring as many likes on that page as possible to build an audience base. Post interesting stuff at first to make the page even more popular and appealing. When those pages become somehow popular, many website owners contact you to post their website links on those pages, in case it doesn't attract website owners, there are many such websites where you create account, they give you website links, you post them on your pages, and those websites pay you according to how many people clicked on links you posted on your page. Moreover, region of fans has extreme importance, page having majority of fans from USA is likely to earn more money than having majority of fans from any Asian country.

2. Uploading Files

You upload files on free hosting websites and when someone download those files, you make money. There are many websites who are working on this model and allow you to make money by uploading files on their servers. Those files can be anything, a video, a software, photos etc.

Some of the popular sites working on this model are,,,, These websites have different criteria to pay, some pay per download, some per 1,000 downloads and some upon 10,000 downloads. All you need to do is upload files on these websites, and spread the download link.

3. Online Surveys

Making money through online surveys is another easy and Pakistani way to earn money from internet. But this method has limitations, number 1, most of popular surveys are not intended to Pakistani users, number 2, if they are available to Pakistanis, their pay rates are extremely low.

This is an easy method, survey asks you question and you select/give a suitable answer. You can give this method a try by visiting or, these two are popular survey sites.

4. Paid-to-Click / PTC

This is yet another easy method. You don't need any technical skill. You just create an account, ads appear on your screen, you click on those ads, and get paid. But it has limitations just like online surveys. Legitimate PTC sites doesn't work effectively in Pakistan because pay rates are very less for Pakistanis and mostly people just give up on them. But in case this method interests you, you should start from some of the popular PTC sites like and

5. YouTube Videos

Making money by uploading videos on YouTube is another most popular method. Unfortunately YouTube is banned in Pakistan but in case government unblock it, you should give it a try because several people are making so much many through YouTube that they even quit their jobs.  

Methodology is, you make interesting videos, upload them on YouTube, YouTube gives you option to monetize those videos, you avail that option, YouTube puts ads on your videos and you make money whenever someone watches your videos.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular website where you can provide any kind of service for $5. Service can vary depending upon your skill set. You will get a better idea of what kind of services you can provide on this site by visiting that site, because there are even such people on Fiverr who say "I will pray for your health for $5". It isn't very easy, but it isn't very difficult either. All you need to do is provide a valuable and interesting service.

7. oDesk - Elance

These are popular freelancing websites. You create account there, select your expertise i.e. what kind of services you can provide. Services don't need to be programming or designing at all, there are many easy jobs like writing articles, collecting some kind of pictures, posting comments on different forums, social networks, blogs etc.   

Methodology is, you create account, select your skills, complete your profile, website shows you available projects, you bid on those projects, if your bid is lowest and accepted (which means you are willing to work on that project for the lowest amount than others), you submit your work under given time frame, you get paid.

8. Online Stores

This is another emerging technique Pakistanis are using to make money. There are now many online stores that are selling a range of products and customers make payment upon delivery. If you can make any product or your family is in a business and you think that your products can be sold online, you must choose this option because it is better scope than rest of above methods.  

Methodology is, you create an e-commence website (don't feel burden, its very easy and economical to create such site), you list your product on that site, you advertise your products on Facebook/Google, customers place orders on your site, you contact TCS office to create your cash-on-delivery account (its a one time process), they create your account after documentation, you send your customer the products they ordered, TCS pays you check of all orders placed during a month. is a popular local example of this model.

9. E-Money services

This is not a very popular method but there are a number of Pakistanis who are using this method to make money. Guys who are working on this model actually take help of their relatives living abroad in creating a PayPal account (PayPal is a popular to make payments online and it isn't available in Pakistan), and whenever someone wants to purchase something from Internet but don't have PayPal account, these guys help such people and charge them a service fee.

10. Blogging

Blogging is the most popular method to make money online. Methodology is, You create a blog (a free blog via or a paid blog after purchasing domain and web hosting - both work fine for beginners), you decide a topic of blog which means that what your blog is about, you post articles/information about that topic, you make blog popular by leaving comments on relevant blogs, social networking sites or by doing SEO (SEO is a technique to list your blog articles in popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc), then you can monetize your contents using many popular platforms like Google AdSense, BuySellAds, Infolinks, Yahoo ads, Conversant etc. You display ads of these companies on your blog and make money.

11. Teaching others how to make money

There are many people who make money online by telling others how they make money online. For example, a person may charge you Rs. 2,000 and tell you same methods you are reading in this article for free. This is mainly feasible to those who are experienced enough in making money online and know working methods.

12. Reseller

This method involves setting up a platform where people can buy something like domains, shared web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers etc.  There are many companies like who help you in establishing such platform. This is a pure tech-guys method to earn money.

13. Selling themes

Well, this is also part of freelancing but it has become so successful that it has got its own identity. Many Pakistani graphic and web designers who know how to create blog themes for wordpress or blogger, create themes/templates and sell them online either buy creating their own portfolio or by listing those themes on popular trading sites like, etc.

14. Forex

It needs investment and you trade in currencies. You create account with forex trading websites, add funds into your account, setup some indicators like how much risk you want to take if the rate of certain currency you are trading goes down. This method gives you huge profits, and huge loses.

15. Reselling stuff

This is very interesting method. There are some people who buy things that are listed for sale on OLX and resale those items either online or in local market on higher rates after doing little jobs on those items that can increase their price. None of these methods are piece of cake (like ponzi scheme ads you mostly see in Pakistani newspapers where you are required to pay a website an upfront payment and they promise you to pay you money upon getting them more customers and creating a chain). Legitimate methods doesn't work that way, they take time and require patience, it all depends upon your passion, interest and skills. But the good thing about them is that they actually work, and give you output if you have patience and persistence.


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  1. Thank you for this great information. good for both technical & untechnical people JAZAK ALLAH

  2. Very helpful indeed. The good thing is that you provided all the options on a single page. Every newcomer who wish to earn online can get help from the page and can identify that which category suits him/her best.

  3. Useful information and I am earning money from youtube.


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