Nowhere in the world will you find a city as warm and spirited as Lahore. You might this city for its chaos, but Lahore never gives up on you. As you spend more time in the city and with its people, you find yourself falling in love with all the things you used to hate once. Great people share something common, same way Zinda dilaan-e-Lahore (talking about youth for instance) also have few things common. If you can relate to these points, you have a Lahori spirit.

1. Gari Dost ki aor Petrol apna

This is their way of caring each other. Friend gets a car from another friend and its understood that lender is gonna fill the petrol. In case car is on CNG, they either ask if it has enough gas or simply move to the friend who has car on petrol, because CNG bharwana is total khwuari for them.

2. Enjoy driving at Canal Road

Driving a car or a bike, but when it is on Canal Road, their inner awesomeness gets fueled. It make them feel cool driving on Canal Road. And when its raining, its a must.

3. Hafeez Center is their ideal tech trade center

Because it solves their nitty-gritty tech issues from mobile to laptop. Even though they know Hall Road is has economical solutions but they think its not as cool as being at Hafeez Center.

4. Know all expensive places

Chahy kabhi na gaye, but knowing all expensive places is part of their faith. Not knowing expensive places or not Check-inning an expensive place on Facebook once in a month make them feel less cool.

5. Rang birangi Simen (multiple Sims)

Warid is favorite tech brand of Lahori youth, but they are very co-operative, because if their dear ones change their SIM, they follow their footsteps because of economical budgeting and sasty-packages.and get a new SIM of same network.

6. Never say NO to food

No Lahori said NO to food, ever, since 20,000 BC or 50,000 BC (time frame is debatable but its confirm that it dates back to BC). They only go on dieting to get 6 pack abs and impress the opposite gender, but they never realize that they actually need a well balance-diet for good health.

7. Lakshmi Chowk's Karahi is their benchmark  of Good Karahi

The Real Lahoris's benchmark to the heavenly chicken Karahi is Butt Karahi of Lakshmi Chowk. No matter where they eat Chicken Karahi, they will also compare that Karahi to Lakshmi Chowk wali Karahi or Food street wali Karahi.

8. Check every bill on item when it comes

They are well aware of waiters and there will always be one among gang that will check every item on Bill and may inquire waiter for few items. They mostly don't know k how many Rottis they ordered.

9. Party on Dutch/American System

 Some call it dutch system and some call it American system, but whatever you say it, its understood that everyone gonna contribute monies in party, and that is the reason many Lahoris will often refuse to join a party.

10. Liberty is their idea of Cool Crowd

They believe liberty  has the coolest crowd and cream of Lahore visits that place. They wouldn't visit that place for shopping but for other (obvious) interest.

11. Pace is their ideal place for branded shopping

When it comes to branded shopping, they start from Pace, because shopping at Place gives them sense of fashionista. They would check new arrivals but mostly will shop during promotions and sales.

12. Believe Cinestar is good but...

They enjoy movies at Cinestar, but their hangout doesn't just complete praising the sofas of DHA cinema.

13. Either support PLMN or hate it.. there is no in-between

Enough said.

14. Have English songs in their cells

Even though they don't get much of its lyrics, but its cool. It's perfectly alright not to know what the singer is saying, enjoying music has nothing to do with lyrics.

15. Playing cricket on road is Lahori thing

No grounds? no problem. We have got roads. Thanks to Shareef brothers and whoever built roads. They invented road cricket and they altered cricket rules as per their road or ground neighborhood.

16. They wonder how people in Karachi are living

According to them people of Karachi are living in pity conditions as there are so many Borees in the city.

17. Have discovered alternate routes

They know hell lot of alternate routes in attempt to avoid the traffic and run away from traffic wardens after breaking red signals. Well, those red lights motivates them to push accelerator rather than breaks.


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