Friday, 27 March 2015

10 Most Hilarious Headlines Ever Seen in Urdu Newspapers

Newspapers can sometimes make your day by their unexpected hilarious headlines.These hilariously funny news reports are actually studies conducted in other countries but they are reported by Pakistani newspapers in such a way that it looks completely funny. Apart from research studies, some of these headlines are general humorous news floating over internet specially on Facebook.

These funny Urdu newspaper headlines does not appear every day in newspapers so here is a list of such funny news cuttings that you might have missed reading.

1) What this employer is actually looking for?

Employee-cum-made? isn't it?

2) Candy Crush players, beware!

You might be next

3) An international study conducted this

ewwww... lol... rofl

4) This is why men get fat after they get married

Possessive wives have got a decent solution to keep their men

5) I wish that guy was me, lol

But I am not that guy *sad emoticon*

6) Pakistani print media doesn't know gender of Justin Bieber

umm... :-/

7) May that snake rest in peace

Caution: Biting a police officer can result into bad consequences

8) How about this news?

A police officer monitoring criminal chicken

9) This is lame

 You can not report something you are not sure about..

10) And you thought such headlines wouldn't appear on TV

Pakistani Channels doesn't report news, they MAKE news.

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