Do you remember when did you read something good in any Urdu newspaper of Pakistan? Well, chances are you don't remember, and even if you do, probability is rare. Today, many people do not rely on these Pakistani newspapers to get latest information on current affairs as they are switching on web. The reason is, Pakistani print media is being very injurious to mental health as it is causing depression by being very biased, stereotype and politics-driven.

This is not the case with newspapers only but same is the case with Pakistani news channels. There are so many things that make top Pakistani newspaper more of a depression-agent. Following are the points that make newspapers worst medium

1) Front page is all about politics

No other news on front page. Front pages of all newspapers are voluntarily or reluctantly dedicated to government and politics.

2) Every news agency supports a particular political party

Every Pakistani knows this. Every channel and every newspaper is supporting their favorite party. No more balanced reporting. Every news report is biased and made up to support their favorite political party.

3) Support particular agendas

Not only political parties, they also have their own agendas. Some want to strengthen relationship among countries and some support Kashmir issue.

4) Show cheap ads

Aren't you sick of these ads?

5) Promote stereotype thinking

or these ads?

6) Promote superstitions

They promote superstitious easy-solutions to life biggest challenges.

7) No verification of what stuff they are advertising

Do they even know how many jobless people get into traps of these anonymous recruiters? No. They dont care about the reputation and feedback of services and products.

8) Glorify crime and under rate all good happenings

 They would give you every detail who ki11ed whom, how, where, took how many minutes etc.

9) No further updates on previous reports

They really don't care.  One day they make one news their headline and the next day they would stop reporting it as they find another breaking news. They don't bother to tell you how a particular case ended.

10)  Old writing and design patterns

Some headlines are so compressed that they create headache for readers. No one knows why those signs above headings are used. Same layout since ages, same 'baqia on page 12' thing.

11)  Portray different parties in different way in different regions

Ever compared two editions of same newspapers issued in different cities? try it. You would see the difference that how same newspaper portrays a political party in different cities. You would be surprised to see how they portray MQM in Karachi and in Lahore, same is the case with rest of the political parties.

12) Don't care about Psychological impact of headlines

They don't care what kind of headlines causes depression. They don't know the art of conveying negative things in a way that is less depressive or don't create mass-panic. These silly reporters even ask how they are feeling to injured people.

13) Violent pictures

You would see this daily. Pictures of people who have passed away. Pictures of bodies lying on roads. I don't know to bring such kind of visuals in your mind so I am short of words on purpose.

14) Newspapers have problems with references

Its very hectic to find the remaining news. You will have to shuffle the entire newspaper to read the rest of the news. I wonder why don't they adapt a simple layout and make it less-complex.

15) Put irrelevant news just to fill up the space

"Japani Panda ne 2 bachon ko janam diya". You would even see these kind of useless yet full-fledged headlines in a regular Urdu Newspaper. They play with content to fill the space, no matter if its useful or plain trash.

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