You wouldn't get bored at all visiting local Pakistani shops. Say it service or their core product, they would always surprise you with their offerings. When they don't, just pay a little attention on what is written around, you would probably find something very amusing written at walls or near cash-counters. I have compiled a list of some of the most humorous sign boards found in local Desi shops. Their main purpose was probably to guide people to follow shop's policy. See how they spread their message with insanely funny statements.

1) They are selling spare parts of chicken

Isn't it innovative?

2) This was found written on a local pan shop

Such lovely poetry, lol

3) Easy Loud, yeah!

They mean 'load'

4) A man with a substitute

Social activist spotted

5) Spot on.

Tells everything about his target market and his service offering

6) Dont you dare, pakoray.

There is no 'free' in Pakora

7) A hanging gift

Cool way to stop people and grab attention of them towards your shop

8) You wanna borrow stuff? better be 80, 90 years old

and bring your parents along

9) This shop keeper is so worried about Sheikh Rasheed

Its a guarantee he would never lend anything to anyone ever

10) Cool people would get Makool punishment

So better stay sophisticated

11) Read this instruction

Lehaza mufta lagany ki koshish na karen

12) Adha cup chae bilkulllll bhi nahi de jayegi

2 log mil k aik cup order karlen to? :D

13) Going out? They would take care of your assets

Such as weapons, and that too in economical rates

14) That angry retailer

Be like: 30 se zyada ka load nahi karwa sakty to mobile kiyuuu lete hooo

15) Someone don't want to see legs, at all

Legs are legs, they said. Men or women is doesn't matter.

16) Such an important value-proposition

One switch for all power plugs, so customers' time isn't wasted.

17) They don't want you to be a superman

So you better look if there is an elevator intact

18) So you thought such signs are only at shops

College students are not allowed to enter in the park, they make love, and park management hates it.

19) Wanna get it on rent?

What could have been better statement than this to market hand-fan renting business?

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