Pakistani transport and public vehicles with funny bumper stickers are a very common sight on the roads. On any random day, you can get amused by paying a little attention on such slogans written on auto rickshaws, cars, vans, trucks and buses. These statements can be of any type ranging from thought provoking, life situation complains and something so hilarious that you cant even expect. Here is a list of some of the most funny text statements written on the back of vehicles in Pakistan.

You would see mostly;

1) Thought Provoking Messages

Some would tell you something, something very serious and thought provoking, in their way.

2) Life's mission statements

Some would express their mission statements i.e. what they want to achieve or want to become in long term.. I just realized these mission statements are much impressive than what I wrote in my business studies' assignments.

3) Loud Messages

Some would be trying to communicate a loud social issue. Their words can be hilarious or cliche but you won't deny that statement.

4) Routine Life Complains

Some would be expressing their emotions and misery of life. This is the category where they turn themselves into poets. Apart from sad statements, expect some truly hilarious statements too. Expressing life situation in such short statements is an art you cant master, its a natural gift, isn't it?

5) Mind Boggling

Some would be so mind boggling that you can generalize them. They can be sad, hilarious, funny, anything.

There can also be usual sad poetry and common cliche statements as well like "yeh sab meri maa ki dua hai" kind of.

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