Sometimes, surprising strangers come along those tides of ocean. Karachi sea view, time to time, welcomes sea creatures that are not even expected at first place. In last five years, several gigantic creatures, including whales and sharks, has been found on the shores of Karachi. Unfortunately, most of them were not alive and their bodies were brought on the shore by tides.

Some of these gigantic sea creatures were actually captured by Pakistani fishers and they brought them in to markets rather than sending them back to ocean. Here we have a list of creatures found on the shores of Karachi beaches.

1) 40 to 50 feet long and 15 feet wide whale body found at Clifton Beach - 21 Sep, 2011

2) Fisherman catches 36 foot long, 7000 kg whale shark in Karachi - 08 Feb, 2012

3) Risso Dolphin found near Gunz area, Jiwani Beach, Balochistan - 27 Jan, 2010

4) Unknown Sea Monster appears on the shores of Karachi

5) Green turtle washed ashore at the Clifton beach - 21 July, 2010

6) Rhincodon Typus found on the shores of Karachi - 6 Feb, 2012

7) 1.5-ton whale hits Hawksbay shore - 05 July, 2010

8) Decomposed Whale found on Sonimani Beach , Balochistan- 27 Aug, 2013

9) 70-foot whale washed up on the coast of Karachi - 13 Aug, 2014

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