Saturday, 22 April 2017

14 Popular Myths Pakistani Parents Tell Their Children

Desi parents have their own way of making their children new and important things. Some of the methods they adapt are more of myths than a fact or phenomena. Parents tell some of these myths to their kids because their parents told them, and some of them are too famous that they have become part of culture.

Here is a list of myths and superstitions that Desi parents tell their children. There are no scientific proof of consequences that are linked to particular events, that is why these believes are called myths. Almost all of them have nothing to do with wisdom or religion as well. Give them a read and enjoy.

1) Maghrib k Time Perfume Lagane Se Jin Chimat Jaate Hen

2) Zyada TV mat dekho.. aankhen kharab ho jaengi

3) So jao warna jin aa jaega

4) Jhoot bolne se naak lamba ho jata hai

5) Payr jhoolne say shaitan jhoola jhoolta hay

6) Joota Ulta rakho.. yeh asmaan ko gali deta hai

7) If you make funny faces, it will stick that way

8) Koi so rha ho to oper se nahi Guzartay, Kadd Chota reh jata hai.

9) Chheenk aye to iska matlab tumhen koi yaad kar rha hai

10) Zyada sheesha nahi dekhte, nazar lag jati hai

11) Kawwa bolay to ghar me mehmaan aaty hain

12) jo kehta hai wohi hota hai

13) Maghrib ke waqt nhi sotay...Jin bhoot guzar rhy Hotay hain

14) Agar koi jhoot bolta hay tou uski zaaban kali ho jati hay.

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