Pakistan Economic Survey 2016 is yet to be conducted but last year's survey unveiled that half of the country lives below the poverty line. According to the World Bank’s Poverty Head Count Analysis 2016, if $1.25 per day is considered to be daily wage, then 21% of the population lives below the poverty line and it increase to 60% if it is raised to $2.0 per day.

Stats show that poverty in Pakistan has decreased and officials associate this improvement with a number of factors including Benazir Income Support, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and different subsidies given on different utilities.

Well, whatever diplomats say, ground reality and true facts are not hidden from general public. Since this post is about international labor day, and since this day is celebrated in Pakistan too, here are some facts you should know about labor in Pakistan.

1) Pakistan has one of the largest manpower resources in the world

From 200 million of its population, only 15% are above 50 year of age, says CIA World Factbook.

2) 63 Million labor force. 

Yes! Labor force is 6 crore and 30 lacs according to CIA World Factbook.

3) Pakistan is 9th largest country by human workforce.

More than 65% of its population is youth.

4) Most of the labor is involved in Agriculture

44% of labor is involved in Agriculture, 22% in Industry, 33% in other services

5) Pakistan extensively exports its labor

Mostly in Middle East and Persion Gulf countries, as homeland fails to provide jobs to its citizens.

6) 11 Million children keep country's factories operating

Child labor is prohibited in Pakistan, yet this number is so large and it is seen commonly.

7) Minimum wage in KPK is PKR 15,000

Punjab has enhanced minimum wage to 12K. Sindh and Balochistan didn't bother.

8) You can not work more than 9 hours per day

According Factories Act 1934 that is followed in Pakistan, no adult employee can be required or permitted to work in any establishment in excess of nine hours a day and 48 hours a week.

9) You can enjoy 14 days of leave with pay, annually

According Factories Act 1934, every worker shall be allowed holidays for a period of fourteen consecutive days.

10) You are allowed 26 additional leaves

In addition to the 14 days of annual leave with pay, the Factories Act, 1934 provides that every worker is entitled to 10 days casual leave with full pay and further 16 days sick or medical leave on half pay.

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