Since last few years, Freelancing has become a fairly popular source of making money online working from home, before that, blogging use to be that popular source of earning online. Many people around the country are making a living through this medium, yet there are many who don't know how one can make money sitting all the time at home, so such people always come up with some general questions when you tell them that you are earning online.
These are some of the frequently asked questions to freelancers, bloggers and everyone who is making money from home.

1) Sara din net pe kya karty ho?

Bhai Facebook pe bhi hota hn to kaam hi karta hn...

2) Achha... Internet se earning bhi hoti hai?

Han ji.. kabhi aap bhi try karen na :D

3) Kitny earn kar lete ho?

Never got time to count.. I have a bank account in every bank -_-

4) Kitny ghanty rozana kam karna parta hai?

Ghanty kam par jatay hain bhai... itna kaam hota hai

5) Main bhi kar sakta hn yeh kaam?

Agar aap kar sakty hotay... to kar rhy hotay..

6) Shadi ke liye bhi online he dhoondo gy?

aap hi koi idea den, kahan se dhoondhn?

7) Eye sight pe kafi fark parta hoga na?

Eye 2 Eye ho jata hai banda ...

8) Kitny motay ho gaye ho beth beth k

Mujhe to dieting bhi lag jati hai... genetics hi aisy hain.

9) Tumhari to mojen hain boss

Aisi wesi...

10) Tumhen chhuti ka kya masla, saath me le ana laptop

Do you feel comfortable in others' toilet? nai na... same way I dont feel comfortable working in a different work environment.

11) Har waqt kaam hi hota hai tumhen to

12) Yar mera page hi promote karwa do

kar di na chhoti baat

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