Friday, 24 April 2015

25 Beautiful and Scenic Train Routes in Pakistan

Pakistan Railway might not impress you with its services but the nature wouldn't fail to impress you as the routines of Pakistan railway go through so scenic places that you once in a life time must travel in rail to experience being at such splendid places. Most of these places are in Balochistan and the rails have not been spread in rest of the parts of Pakistan. Since we have limited train tracks in Pakistan, rail goes through a very limited routes, yet some of those routes are impressive, scenic and beautiful.
Here is a list of Pakistan's some of the most scenic and beautiful train routes.

Tarakki Railway Bridge, Jhelum

Amidst the Mountains, Quetta Express

Arore Subway Bridge at Sukkur

Steam Engine Train on Attock Bridge

Moving towards Quetta, Balochistan

Somewhere in Baluchistan

Bolan Express at Summit Tunnel

Bolan Curves in Balochistan

Bolan Express near Quetta

Brick Klins near Quetta and Baluchistan Express

Bridge at Attock Khurd Railway Station

Bridge on the Soan River, Rawalpindi-Daudkhel

Jaffer Express, Balochistan

Khyber Train Safari

Near Harnai, Balochistan

Moving within Balochistan

Near Quetta

Train with dual steam locomotives at Dandot and Malikwal

Spezand, Balochistan

Taiz Gam crossing over Historical Railway Bridge Jhelum

Going towards Rawalpindi, near Jhelum

Train over Attock Bridge

Near Railway Bridge at Chenab

Railway Line near Rawalpindi

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