Friday, 22 May 2015

7 Misconceptions about Brands and Products in Pakistan

Associating certain products with particular brand names is seen a common practice in most of urban, semi-urban and rural areas. It has become so common that even educated people commit same mistakes and associate brand names with a product that does the same job but is of a different brand. Marketers say it is an edge to the brands who create a market category and its a fruit of being first in a particular market segment.
These are some of the most common and popular misconceptions about brands and products in Pakistan

1) Easyload

Easyload is basically a mobile credit sharing service that one can avail by visiting a local retailer's shop. It was introduced by Telenor and it was first service of its kind as earlier mobile subscribers were required to purchase a scratch card in order to load balance into their mobile accounts. This service got so popular that people in Pakistan still think every mobile-balance recharge facility is Easyload. You would often hear people saying at local retailers' shop 'Ufone ka easyload kardo'. Every telecom company has a different name of this service 'Ufone's U pop-up, Mobilink's Mobilink Load etc ' yet people call it Easyload.

2) Pamper

Need a diaper? all you gotta say is "pamper de do, bhai sb." .

3) Surf

Surf is synonym of all detergent and washing powders, without knowing that Surf Excel is actually a detergent brand name.

4) Roof Afza

Every laal sharbit (sweet red syrup) is Roof Afza

5) Every Scooter is called VESPA.

Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio and it was founded in 1946. There are many other brands manufacturing scooters but Pakistanis would call all those brands VESPA.

6) EasyPaisa

Every mobile payment solution is called EasyPaisa

7) TCS

TCS is synonym of courier service in Pakistan. People would even go to DHL or Leopard and say "yeh samaan TCS karwana hai"

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