Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Pakistan After 500 Years

Keeping in mind current growth rate and GDP of Pakistan, one can say the nation needs to put best of their efforts to make current economical situation better and beat the world. But one person, Kenny Hassan, thinks otherwise. He made bunch of pictures considering growth rate constant and imagining how Pakistan might look like in future. He calls in futuristic Pakistan.

Since technology is getting cheaper and penetrating in every market, so Pakistan, even in future would adapt new technology, everyone in Pakistan would avail and enjoy that futuristic technology, just like everyone is having a mobile today. Since current situation is kept constant, so human capital, lifestyle of people would remain the same.

Considering this concept in mind, here are pictures of futuristic Pakistan. It's just for fun.

1) Ulta-Next Generation Pakistani Cruisers

2) An ordinary Pakistani rider would look like this

3) Early Morning Sky-Traffic above Peshawar

4) Cronosphere Rocket Horse Racers

5)Massive Dragonfly from other planet lands unexpectedly in Pakistan

7) Aliens land in Pakistan and start living in desert of Tharr

8) Pakistani Taxi Driver drives in space

9) Breaking News: A truck goes out of control in gravity

10) Pakistani lands on Moon

11) And settle there

11) Traveling to another planet that looks like earth beyond Milky Way galaxy

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