Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Pakistani Rickshaws Get a New Design and Offers free WiFi

Pakistani conventional Rickshaws are all set to be replaced to by newly designed rickshaws. Silver colored and oval shaped, this egg shaped vehicle is basically part of marketing campaign of Ufone. This campaign has been designed by 'Brand Activate', a Karachi based marketing agency that helps companies to activate their brand names through creative ideas. These rickshaws have been designed by Ascend Engineering at Mansoora, Lahore. These rickshaws surprisingly have 3g connections for Wifi enabled services along with GPS navigation.

Campaign is yet to be launched officially and exact features and functions of this vehicle will be announced on the press meet event, meanwhile have a look at these pictures of new-rickshaw.


Brilliant. Making our local transport more elegant and less embarrassing to use.

Nice to see Pakistan in news because of great things.

Why the hell do you think it is embarrassing? Shame on you.

nice good find more technology news visit here

These are very cute. But the traditional rickshaws are still cool.
Anyone embarrassed by our 'tradition' can always travel in their oh-so-amazing cars!

I didn't like this rickshaw really, they are failure.
There are no doors, The designer of this rickshaw missed many thins. It is not protected by rain. !!!

You'll be sitting on the road in the event of an accident. Even the conventional rickshaw design is better in terms of safety than this OPEN AIR rickshaw! No protection from dust / dirt / pollution / rain / accident / etc. Install some side beams / doors man!

where is the artwork-and where is protection from rain.

This design doesn't meet the safety and bad weather condition at all. It looks different but design is totally appropriate with our society and traffic dynamics.

A good initiative nonetheless

Wow Driver is so lucky to have free internet :D

very good cab. should be named as cool cab. even we dont have such cool cab in india. u r lucky. so stop crticizing about it like idiots. no body is forcing u to ride it.

now will have to wait for when it becomes chinkchi lol hahahahah

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