Friday, 22 May 2015

15 Things Every Pakistani Do on WhatsApp

Addiction of any sort has its side-effects and when it comes to addiction of WhatsApp, let me tell you, it is equally dangerous to your mental health as smoking is injurious to your physical health. We, the Pakistanis, either resist to change or adapt the change so quickly that we become obsessed with the newness. Facebook is an example of this, and so is WhatsApp. At first, Pakistanis didn't give a try to WhatsApp, and when it got popular around the world, we got so crazy about it that we made it a crazy habit.

WhatsApp, itself, is definitely a very useful smartphone application, but the way we become obsessive and overly active on using it, creates several mental health problems that we either never notice or notice and feel very restless about it.

There are some common habits, behaviors and patterns seen in Pakistani WhatsApp users. These habits are found in WhatsApp users from other regions as well, but this article is specifically written for Pakistani audience. Following are 14 Things Every Pakistani Do on WhatsApp, these signs show that you are addicted to WhatsApp.

1) You Change your display pic more often than DP of Facebook

2) You Keep an eye on profile pictures of others

3) You Secretly notice the last seen of others

4) You Turn off your own 'last seen' but turn it on for few seconds to see the last seen of others

5) You Change your WhatsApp status more often than status update on FB

6) You Prefer to text on WhatsApp than traditional SMS

7) You Give more importance to your phone

8) You Get desperate when blue ticks appear and the person doesn't reply back

9) You hate when person replies slower than you

10) You Check phone in the middle of night

11) You and your friends remind hundred times to WhatsApp each others' pics

12) You Join a lot of WhatsApp group

13) You Have a collection of weird videos

14) You Gets Mobile internet packages specially for WhatsApp

15) You Overly communicate with others

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