If You are an 80s kid or even 90s kid from Pakistan, you must be very familiar with this Zakoota Jin. There were times when fiction, sci-fi and horror genres were not much popular in Pakistan and people were not familiar with such genres as local tv and film industry didn't produce such content. 'Ainak Wala Jin' was Pakistan's first such drama that amalgamated fiction, sci-fi and horror genre in one show. Aliens, Ghosts, Super-heroes.. Ainak Wala Jin had it all.

Zakoota, Bil Batori, Nastoor, Hamoon Jadugar were one of the most popular characters of this drama. Zakoota got fame because of being a good-ghost and a child-friendly character..

Zakoota Jin, played by Munna Lahori (his real name is Matloob ur Rehman), is now a days living in a very bad financial and health condition, this article is a tribute to him.

1) He started his career in 1964

Just when TV was introduced in Pakistan, he got attached with TV and film industry of Pakistan and never thought for a second to try any other  profession.

2) He Has Worked in 4,000 dramas, plays and movies

He started his career in 1960s and since then he started working in lollywood films and Pakistani dramas. His roles in most of early films and dramas were so small that none of them were credited. In an interview given Reham Khan, he confirms that he has worked in 4000 dramas and movies and he lists his popular movies and other dramas too.

3) 'Main Kya Karoon, Main Kisko Khaon'

This is the most popular punch line of Ainak Wala Jin. And this punch line was written by Zakoota himself.

3) He has not been awarded, ever.

He has never been given any popular governmental/private award for his performance and dedication. Its sad to know when your favorite childhood character gets no recognization.

4) He has not appeared in any new drama for past 23 years

After 1993, he has not been given any role in any drama and that makes it 23 years living without work. Living 23 jobless years isn't peace of cake.

5) He relies on School Plays

His source of earning is School Plays. He performs in private schools around Pakistan along with other characters including his children.

6) He lives in a rented house

In a small apartment in Lahore, he lives a life on rent. 62 years old Matloob ur Rehman was not so lucky to be given more work, so he couldn't earn sufficient amount of money to buy his own house.

7) Media declared him dead, twice.

Pakistani Media Channels, without any confirmation, reported his death news in 2013 and in 2015 too. His interview with Sanam Baloch on a morning show left his fans in pain while he was sharing his sad life circumstances.

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