As reported by international print and digital media, Pakistan seems performing good in various dimensions. The best thing is most of them are reported by international media that criticizes almost every aspect of life in Pakistan. Looking at these good things, it wouldn't be wrong if we call this name the best week for Pakistan. Have a look at this list of 9 Good Things Happened this Week in Pakistan.

This is definitely a good news for the nation and for the growth of the country.

1) Islamabad is ranked 2nd in most beautiful capitals in the world

2) Pakistani men are 3rd most handsome men of the world

3) Pakistan is ranked 5th in improving water and sanitation access

4) S&P ratings improved for Pakistan, a positive outlook on the GDP growth

5) Pakistanis ranked 4th on global intelligence survey

6) Pakistan become first Asian side to hit 1000 sixes in Test cricket

7) 8 Pakistani won MP seats in UK election

8) 6 year old Pakistani boy becomes the youngest Microsoft certified professional

9) PIA earns profit of Rs 2.83 billion in its first quarter of 2015



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  1. Good article but please post source links for each point.

  2. By this week, you mean 2013 right? The gullible saps of Pakistan have been regurgitating this "second most beautiful capital" news since 2013. If I recall right, the source was just a random author online who was running a top 10 list website.

    It's the same as if I create a post on my own blog saying, India is the cleanest country on the planet. Have it shared on Facebook and voila, two years down the line, everyone in India is quoting me as an International Representative of the Clean Bill.

    There's also no official verification about the "youngest Microsoft certified professional". There has never been such, and if you were to contact Microsoft about it, they would say the same thing.

    This "Pakistanis rank 4th on global intelligence survey" is being shared on Facebook since 2012. There is still no valid source to the survey. I think this alone speaks volumes about how intelligent this nation really is. You can, however, visit actual literacy rate surveys that will tell you a grim story about Pakistan's current numbers.

    The dumb "Pakistani men are 3rd most handsome men of the world" survey was actually by a dating website that threw in popular celebrity names. America voted for Zayn Malik from One Direction, who was actually born to a Pak/British father in England. It's amazing how Pakistanis are willing to hold on to mere straws and knit them into a whole amazing tale of fiction.

    1. It is very clear by your impulsive reactive statement that you did not even research these points and just couldnt take something good being said about Pakistanis and start spreading hate. It actually shows your intelligence and tolerance level as your statement is full of vile intent.

      Let me share the links that verify these stories to be true and being published by worlds best News Agencies:

      1. Worlds youngest MCP (souce is of BBC):

      Also check this:

      2: World's Sexiest Men Article (Source is from Huffington Post):

      3: The intelligence survery is from a top Pakistani news channels website, but it clearly mentions that

      "Pakistanis have been ranked the fourth most intelligent people across the world in a globally-held survey. “Pakistanis are equal to the people of developed and industrialized countries when it comes to intelligence,” the survey report said. The poll was organised by the Institute of European Business Administration in 125 countries. "

      And ooh btw, i also found this on BBC:

    2. Great job providing those URL's. And by the way the last one is totally hillarious

    3. For one speaking about research, you really have no idea what it actually means.

      1. World Youngest MCP
      That's a publication link, and it does not mention the source of the matter. The source as in Microsoft stating officially that yes, this guy's the youngest certified holder.

      ProPakistani actually contacted Microsoft about this matter back when it was running rampant. Here is a quote from what an official Microsoft spokesperson told ProPakistani.

      "...surprisingly the claim of being the world’s youngest MCTS could not be verified as Microsoft does not count the age of its professionals."

      Which is what I wrote in my original post.

      2. World's Sexiest Men
      One again, that's a publication link which points the same source that I mentioned in my post. If you were to visit their original publication ( you would see that the voting was based on popular celebrities.

      "Irishmen came in at the top spot, potentially due to the amount of ladies lusting after Jamie Dornan, the star of 50 Shades of Grey. Sexy Australians like the Hemsworth brothers may have influenced the second place results, while Pakistani men (hey Zayn Malik!) came in third."

      So yeah, no, even though Tribune tried its best. The world didn't vote for Pakistan because of Shahid Afridi.

      3. Intelligence Survey
      How convinient for publications to mention a source but not link it. Yup, that pretty much tells me why in the past three years, the same story is being tweaked (new names and lines added) and being shared as if the survey happened yesterday - or in this case, just last week.

      4. Bonus: Islamabad, the world's second most beautiful city
      I just got to know from a verified source that the owner of the blog that originally posted this poll, is a Pakistani. You're free to check on that by mailing the website and asking yourself.

    4. You Indians and your perpetual hate for Pakistan..!!

  3. Another good thing happened, I am selected as a an official bloggers to cover Cannes Fashion Festival. Maybe you can add that as a 10th thing. Anyway, its up to you.

  4. One thing does not need proof.
    Indian men are smelliest on earth

    1. LOL certianly true

    2. At least we agree to something. ��
      But overall I agree with anonymous 1 that we need to research these stories before spreading them around. This is constructive criticism and needs to be taken as such.

    3. Universal truth indian men are cheapest on planet and can shake head 1000 times per minute along with funniest English accent

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