Thursday, 21 May 2015

9 Young Heroes of Pakistan - Legendary Children

Heroism is yet another term coined for bravery and determination. Pakistan has many national heroes who are regarded widely as well as forgotten heroes that made a mark in the history of Pakistan. That factor of heroism isn't limited to a certain age number, you would see people in their late 70s and 80s doing courageous things that benefits the whole mankind. Same way, kids are not behind adults in making a mark on the society and contributing towards a better world.

Pakistan has such many kids who have set a mark on the pages of history,  these kids are truly a source inspiration for many, specially for kids of their age. They are 10 Pakistani Kids who Made a Difference.

1) Aitzaz Hassan

2) Iqbal Masih

3) Abrar Ahmad

4) Babar Iqbal

5) Arfa Karim

6) Ayan Qureshi

7) Sitara Akbar

8) Maria Toor Pakay

9) This Kid

These are truly legendary kids of Pakistan that are source of motivation for people of all ages.

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