Wednesday, 27 May 2015

34 Energetic Photos from Pakistan v/s Zimbabwe Matches

Pakistan is definitely one of the countries where cricket is followed on a hardcore scale. The cricket champion country waited 6 long years to have cricket back at home. Sri-Lankan incident had snatched all the opportunities of international cricket at home however after six years, Pakistanis finally brought international cricket back at home.

Cricket is loved in Pakistan the way football is loved in Brazil, Spain and Germany etc. Pakistan has got amazing audience, cricket fans, spectators or what you can say in Urdu 'Jyaaly'.

Recent tour of Zimbabwe has brought the lost smiles on the faces of Pakistani cricket lovers. Pakistan v/s Zimbabwe series has shown the spirit that Pakistanis have for cricket and their favorite players. One of best thing about these matches was that Pakistanis praised and thanked Zimbabwe team so much for their courage to come and tour to Pakistan when several forces were stopping them.

Have a glance at these latest pictures from Pakistan versus Zimbabwe matches. These photos show the true spirit of game and craze of Pakistani cricket lovers. Its not the boys that are mad about cricket, but girls are equally excited as well. Have a at these 34 Photos Showing How Excited Pakistanis are About Cricket.

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