Sunday, 7 June 2015

20 Things You Can Learn from Animals and Birds

There are many things animals and birds can teach us about being better human beings. The animal kingdom can teach us a few good things about coexistence and compassion. Research has shown that animals are capable of great depth of emotions and care for each other and believe in cooperation.

We now know that animals do have their point of views and they do experience deep feelings. There are a number of things that can learn from birds and animals. We might know these great lessons already, but somewhere in fast moving lives, we have forget them, so these animals are giving us a friendly reminder to realign our priorities and follow natural values.

1) They Spend Quality Time with their Kids

2) Once they learn discipline, they always follow

3) They Believe in Unity

4) They can sense emotions of others (a.k.a Emotional Intelligence)

5) They cherish differences

6) They choose partner for life (Swans, Penguins, Wolves and many more)

7) They do not suffer from Ego Problems

8) They do succession planning

9) They do not live in superiority complex

10) They genuinely help each other

11) They miss their beloved ones

12) They love their families

13) They Learn independence at early age

14) They respect their elders

15) They sleep early, and they wake up early, every day

16) They trust their guardians

17) They Form Unique Friendships

18) They work to get out of their comfort zones

19) They are risk takers

20) They Share

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