Friday, 19 June 2015

7 Heart Warming Sign Boards Seen in Pakistan

Sometimes, your eyes are caught by really heart warming and heart melting sign boards that provoke your thoughts. Such sign boards and posters are seen rarely in different cities of Pakistan. Some of them are so powerful that it questions loudly about so many dimensions of society we are living in. Below are shown some of such inspirational, philanthropic and great messages seen on random places in Pakistan.

1) This Mosque is for all Muslims

Crushing all the sectarian believes. Calling out all Muslims.

2) For stone-hearted parents

Abdul Sattar Edhi's wife asks such parents to leave their children to her foundation, don't just leave them on a random place.

3) Serving with what he has

This rickshaw driver is offering free service to patients

4) Pakistan showing gratitude for Bangladesh's volunteer work

Pakistan's are open to show their thankfulness.

5) Women stood up against their rights

Women Rights are Human Rights... Indeed

6) A campaign against productification of women

Women Education Society raises voice

7) A Man waiting for the proposed Pakistan.

And he is doing it for past 4 years.

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