Friday, 26 June 2015

These 7 Pakistanis Have Found New Ways to Express Their Feelings

Some might find these ways cheesy and some might find them cute, adorable and creative. Whatever you perceive, one thing you would say is that it is a whole new way of expressing your feelings of love, gratitude, apology and thankfulness. All of these banners, billboards, street art and hoardings are seen in different cities of Pakistan, mainly Lahore and Karachi.

See how Pakistanis are using marketing-methods to show their feelings to their special ones. There are several people who appreciated the feelings behind these messages and several people in society criticized them for being too bold and using a western-kind-of approach.

1) A photogenic guy apologizing to her soon-to-be wife

2) Someone Wishing Happy Birthday

This would make every 'Sana' in town happy, lol.

3) Someone thought he should tell the whole city about his feelings

These I LOVE YOU banners were seen at round-about of Allah-Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore on March 09, 2015.

4) Pakistani Guy Thanking Mark Zuckerberg for Free Facebook

5) A Villager decorated the road to welcome his in-laws

This happened near Lahore when a villager decorated the entire path from main road to his home with roses to welcome his in-laws.

6) Another guy decorated road on Valentine's Day

These balloons weren't for sale. Actually, a guy decorated the roadsides to show his love for her girlfriend on valentine's day.

7) Someone gave a little surprise to their beloved one

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