Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fifty Shades of KPK

Just when you think stars of your destiny are aligned and everything seems to be alright, your heart is shattered by something and your stars lose their alignment, you lose your senses and want to wander in deserts to get an answer that how unpredictable this world is yet to be? Well, I am totally exaggerating this topic, however there is some fun in these pictures that you do not see in routine photos.

He is Numan Rehman, and he is from Mardan, KPK. He is popular in his town by several names including Sweet Dish, Janu, and Halwa. While many people say he is a ggay, he hesitates talking about it. 

He recently got viral on social media for pictures he shared on his profile. Most of the people are amazed to see his pictures and are joyfully tagging their friends to show them what they just discovered. 

Well, this is his personal choice and he has got all the rights to choose a personal orientation. But since he has made all his photos public and he loves to be discussed and seen, so we are sharing some of the *stunning* photos of him.

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