Monday, 28 May 2018

10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Pakistan

This is the best time of the year to include some of the most beautiful waterfalls of Pakistan in your summer holiday itinerary. Most of Pakistanis visit Northern areas and enjoy hills and mountain views however it is high time to visit some of the popular Pakistani waterfalls as well. Pack your picnic bags and trekking shoes to explore the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan and waterfalls around.

1) Cham Waterfall, AJK

2) Changpur Khwas Waterfall, AJK

3) Gulpur Waterfalls, Kotli, AJK

4) Khadomi Waterfall, Soon Valley

5) Menthoka Water Fall - Skardu

6) Moola Waterfall, Khuzdar, Balochistan

7) Neel Wahn Waterfall, Chakwal

8) Sajikot Waterfall, Havelian, KPK

9) Shingrai Waterfall, Swat

10) Waterfall between Kalam and Mohudand Lake

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