Muslims around the world observe Eid as their religious obligation. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated exactly after the completion of Ramadan (month in Islamic Calendar) while Eid ul Azha is to commemorate the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) to follow Almighty's command to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail (A.S.). On Eid ul Fitr, people wear new clothes, offer prayer, meet each other, cook delicious recipes. While Eid ul Azha is celebrated by sacrificing an animal as per Islamic instructions, wearing new clothes, meeting people among others are some of the common activities performed on Eid.

However with the changing lifestyle and modern times, several activities have been taken over by technology as well. People prefer not to do things that used to be fun at times. Here is a list of some of the most useful things and most boring things one can choose to do on Eid Day.

Better Things

1) Visit Relatives

It is a good idea to visit your relatives and spend time with them. See how they are doing, compliment their Eid preparation, taste their home-made dishes, get to know who is doing what.

2) Invite them at your home

Or may consider inviting them at your home. Enjoy conversation with cousins, aunties and uncles having tasty meals alongside.

3) Call your old-contacts

Another good idea is to connect with the people who used to be your colleagues, friends or subordinates. We all have several people in our phone list whom we hardly call. 

4) Give a hand in Qurbani stuff This is something real practical one can do on Eid ul Adha. Several families prefer to sacrifice their animals by themselves and many choose to get it done by butchers. Even if stuff dealt by butcher, you can still manage several aspects of sacrificing an animal, distribute meat etc.

5) Do a Family Photo-Session

Its fun posing with your family, taking selfies with your siblings and even doing a complete photo session with your family members on Eid Day when you get time. 

6) BBQ

It is already in fashion and people love to do it. It makes your Eid complete, kind of. So at night, B.B.Q. is best activity to chill with your friends and family.

7) Visit nearby places

If you have done things mentioned above and still get free time, go outside with kids or friends to nearby places where kids can have fun or you can have a good time with your friends. It is still better than spending your day on bed or sofa at home.

8) Visit the graves of departed ones

Do not forget the ones who were with you last year or before that. Keep them in your prayers on Eid day as well. Visit their graves, shower flowers on their graves and pray for them.

Boring Things

1) Avoid everyone

Lock yourself in room. Don't even bother to wear the clothes that you bought for Eid. Just spend your day in bedroom.

2) Sleep

Most common thing people do. Kill your day sleeping on couch, bed, floor or wherever you find some space to lay down.

3) Kill Your Time on Facebook

Since we have developed a habit of spending time while staring at screens. You have another common choice to spend your day while scrolling on Facebook, seeing pictures of other peoples and getting a fake feeling of Eid celebration.

4) Watch TV

Because you are too lazy to socialize outside or you prefer to live a life of isolation and your reference to real world is only TV and Internet. Just get some food, tune to some Eid show and see how others have fun.

5) Play PC Games

Another boring thing you can do on Eid. This is the same thing you have been doing everyday, so you would do it on Eid day too, huh.

6) Stay busy on twitter

Twitter is popular among youth, those who want to say a lot but can't share stuff on Facebook and prefer to say it to strangers. You can do it on Eid ul Adha too for no other reason than you practically have no life.

7) Spend time on 1hr long calls

This a love-birds thing. People who newly get into relationships. They spend hours on phone, just like they have been doing since the start of their relationship.

8) Go for a movie at night

This is fun as well as a boring thing for many people. So, if you have got cousins, family and friends who were alive enough whole day, it can be fun. But if you going with some boring people just for the sake of some activity to do on Eid, it wouldn't add much needed charm on your Eid day.

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