Wednesday, 21 October 2015

10 Social Media Fails from Pakistan

Pakistan currently has 30 million Internet users out of which 10 million are using Facebook. There are many internet users in Pakistan who only use internet because of Facebook and they probably have nothing else to do with their internet connections. An average Facebook user spends approximately 2 to 4 hours daily on Facebook.

Active Facebook users would see many funny, pathetic and hilarious posts on various Pakistani Facebook Pages. Those hilarious posts would give you an idea that there are many people around you who have no idea how social media works as they share either too much on Facebook or they are too dump to use to social media sites. Here we have the best examples.

1) This viral Friendship Breakup

2) It seems Hum TV have no idea about correct Roman Urdu

3) When Shoaib Malik Endorsed Samsung from his iPhone and caught lying

4) This guy is just sharing too much

5) And this guy has no idea how Life Works, lol

6) All the way from Twitter, A lair caught.

7) A guy trying hard to attract some girls in a super Desi way

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