Wednesday, 28 October 2015

12 Most Vibrant and Colorful Buildings in Pakistan

Color is one of the most expressive and appealing factors, it is through the perception that people produce a series of physical, psychological and physical effects similar form with rich connotations, profound meaning and symbolism. In the indoor environment should meet its color should be the main function and mental requirements, the purpose is to make people feel comfortable. Color itself has some features in interior design and full use of these features will be given to the design touching charm, and to interior space shine.

Vibrant colors are perceived as lively environment and indicates joy. If you are a kind of person who love colorful environment around you, then you must visit these following locations in Pakistan that are full of colorful buildings and houses.

Inside Walled City of Lahore

New Food Street, Lahore

Gawalmandi, Lahore

Guest House in Keran, Neelam Valley

Quarters of Chouburji, Lahore

Soldier Bazaar, Karachi

Wall of Samadh Maharajah Ranjit Singh, Lahore


In Pakistan, a food street is a street that has been designated for eating out. The food street is lined with food stalls, restaurants, and other food shops, and are typically pedestrianized.
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