Laws have always been extremely important for civilization for justice and security of people. Every nation has a set of laws that is compulsory for its citizens to follow. Since every nation has different values and lifestyle, laws differ nation to nation. You probably have stumbled upon several funny laws, awkward laws and pathetic laws being implemented in different countries.
This article is solely dedicated to share laws of Pakistan that citizens of other countries might find different than theirs, funny, humorous or awkward.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to question the Constitution of Pakistan, rather it is just for the sake of information for relevant readers.

1) A Copied Penal Code

After its independence in 1947 from India, Pakistan should have made their own version of civil law. But they simply fetched the Common Law of England and Wales and made them theirs.

2) Multiple Law Systems

Pakistan is probably only country where 3 different law systems are followed. Pakistan Penal Code, Shariah Law and Jirga Law in tribal areas.

3) Tax on Education

Even with merely 55% literacy rate, there are no strategic plans to improve the literacy rate. Country has more private educational institutes than public schools and it is mandatory to pay 5% tax if your annual education expense is more than $2,000 or Rs. 200,000.

4) You can not travel to Israel

Pakistan has not recognized Israel as a seperate state which is why foreign ministry of Pakistan does not permit Pakistanis to visit Israel on Pakistani passport.

5) No Issuance of Passport unless you declare Ahmadi Community as non-Muslim

Until 1974 Ahmadi Community was considered a sect of Islam in Pakistan which later was declared non-Muslim. It is compulsory for every Pakistani to sign the statement on their passport form that says I approve Ahmadi Community as non-Muslim.

6) No compulsion of Education to Rule the country

You don't need any education to be prime minister or president of Pakistan. However, you must be educated to get even the job of a peon in some school.

7) You can not have a girlfriend legally

Under Hudood Ordinance, you can not have a girlfriend like people do in Western countries. You can not live with a girl without marriage no matter how much you love her.

8) You can not use English words for some Arabic words

It has been made legal to not use English version of words for Arabic words including Allah, Masjid, Rusool, Nabi etc. (reference)

9) You can not make fun of prime minister

Now this is funny. Government has passed a cyber crime bill that states whoever makes fun of government official shall be punished under law and heavy fine shall have to be paid. (reference)

10) Sending Spam messages is illegal

Sending someone spam messages isn't cool an anymore. If you are caught spamming anyone, you will have to pay fine of Rs. 1 million.

11) Touching someone's phone is illegal too

Touching someone's phone without their permission can lead you to severe consequences and can put you behind the bar for six months. (reference)

12) Uploading a meme will get you behind bars

You read it right. Under Cyber Crime Law of Pakistan, you are not allowed to upload a meme and make fun of others. You will have to pay Rs. 1 million fine if you do it. (reference)

13) It is illegal to eat in Public for a month every year

Ramadan is an important month for Muslims and considered to be sacred in Islamic countries. Since Pakistan is an Islamic country, people are not allowed to eat in Public in the month of Ramadan even if they are non-Muslims.

14) Pillion Riding is illegal on certain days

Pillion Riding is famously called 'double sawari' in Pakistan and it is banned on several of Public holidays for security threats.

15) A transgender can not join Army

There are millions of transgender and cross-dresser in Pakistan. Along with several other limitations, they are not allowed to join Pakistan Army. (reference)


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  1. What you guys think is FUNNY & AWKWARD in #4,5,7,13...?
    These are all reasonable laws. "Think Before you POST"

    1. i think the moral for you my friend should be think before u post! u really think calling ahmedis non muslims is fair? isnt it God's job to determine who is a muslim? and

  2. unbleievable! 5, 8, 9 and 12 are completely and utterly ridiclous!!! courtsey of this idiot joke of a prime minister!

  3. you r jew agent. this link must be banned on internet

  4. If you find number 7, something awkward or funny you can permit your sisters to live with the boys without marriage. Then you will understand how awkward it is.


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