Wednesday, 28 October 2015

12 Stunning Photos of Pakistan-India Borders

Pakistan-India border is also known as the International Border (IB). Border runs from the 'LOC - Line Of Control' which separates Indian controlled Kashmir from Azad Kashmir to the east side where it separates India and Pakistan on Wagah border. Total length of Pak-India border is 2900 km (1800 miles). It can also be seen from space at night due to 150,000 flood lights and 50,000 poles installed on borders.

Since the independence, Pakistan and India have always been into some kind of cold disputes and both governments always remained in stress for several issues. With a wish and pray of unity for both nations, see these stunning pictures of Pakistan-India border from various border locations.

1) Pakistani Keran Separating Indian Keran

2) River in Chakothi, Kashmir separating Pakistan and India

4) Pakistan and India border in Challiana, AJK

5) Border of Lalhon and Gowindi

6) Wagha Border

7) Zero Line at Suchetgarh, Kashmir

8) Ganda Singh Border, Kasur

9) LoC at Chakothi, Kashmir

10) Pak-India Border in Sialkot

11) As seen by NASA from Space

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