Since childhood we are told that education is success to key. Our parents scold us to do our homework because they too believe that education is key to success. With believe in this proverb, we study, and spend half of our life in school, college and university. But, when we pass out from university having masters degree with high hopes to have a good career path, we face bitter reality of life.

Sharing my personal experience, after completing my MBA I definitely didn't expect to be where I am. I thought I would be more figured out after my MBA. I thought I would be on career path once I complete my studies. But hey, none of them happened. We expect so much from life and from ourselves after studies, and when it does not happen, we feel defeated.

I am at that point in my life where I have no idea when anything is going to happen for me, but I am embracing every bit of it, all the chaos, all the uncertainty, all the unknown. So, listing these 12 things from my personal experience, keep them in mind in the years after you graduate.

1- Cool Days are Over

You might have been the coolest guy in your college or university. But once you graduate, it is over. You will have to be just like every one else, may be average, below average, above average. Depends what surrounds you, but you won't have same old cool days.

2- Friends moving back

In cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, majority of students come from other towns to pursue their education. Once they complete, they move back to their hometowns. And once you graduate, this thing makes you feel losing friends, like you guys won't be able to meet as frequently as you use to.

3- And rest of your friends vanish

Your friends who live even in the same city become busy in their routine lives, and everyone of them starts delaying get-to-gathers. You, then, realize that you probably should give up making plans with them as most of them never appear.

4- Meaningless Friendships

And then comes a time when you realize that approximately 95% of your friendships during university or college life were just shallow, meaningless, and not worth continuing. You regret on time and efforts you wasted on meaningless friendships.

5- Still dependent on parents

It starts making you feel bad that now when you have a masters degree, you are still dependent on your parents. You still have to get pocket money from your parents. With every passing day, you start getting intense feeling out of this thought.

6- Anxiety-ridden job search

Then comes a time you actually start job hunting. You start looking for jobs. You start creating account on linkedin and other job sites. You start reading newspaper and look actively their job section.

7- The Depression Phase

You do job search for days, weeks and months. After couple of months without getting job interviews, you see yourself sinking into a depressing hole. You feel like why it is not working. Why on earth my degree is so worthless that it can not even get me a job.

8- You realize the worth of social network

And then you realize the value of social network, not the facebook kind of social network, but practical social network in real life. Because you see that some of your batch-mates who had good political background have landed a BPS 17 grade government job, and you are not even able to get a private.

9- You start thinking your major is useless

Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain... you start thinking your major was just useless. It is not going to pay off anytime soon in life, and it just the reference that can get you a job. Your majors becomes worthless in your own eyes.

10- You realize your GPA is worthless

Your start thinking about those nights and long hours you spent on making assignments and project presentations. You start thinking about all those efforts you placed to get highest marks in the class. All those highest-marks, all those claps during your presentation seem so worthless

11- You start blaming government

You start blaming government for why they are not doing anything for job seekers like you. Why are not figuring out the lack of job opportunities and why they are doing something to produce job opportunities for graduates.

12- Having a college degree does not set you apart

At times you realize why your institution didn't work enough on you. Why they didn't teach you those skills that could actually have gotten you a job. Why they didn't work on your analytical reasoning and aptitude that actually matters in jobs.

13- You starts avoiding people

You start avoiding those people who ask you about your job, your career plan, your growth, your life progress. You become a question-shy person. You somehow avoid social interactions because you are fed up of telling what is going on in your life.

14- You feel stuck in life

You feel so stuck in life, you get no idea what to do, you have no sufficient capital to start your own business, and many times you do not have a enough courage and risk-taking ability to start your own business even if you can arrange capital. You just want a freaking job in any industry but you got no luck.

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