Sunday, 13 November 2016

7 Photos That Prove Money Can Buy Beauty

You are ugly until you have got no money, and once you get lots of money, you would enjoy the charms of magical transformations. We are living in the world of medical science and technology, and it has become very easily to buy the beauty. Cosmetic surgeries are fulfilling the deep desires of people who can afford.

Many celebrities have taken nose jobs, lip jobs, hair transplants, dimple surgery, wrinkle surgery among many other cosmetic surgeries. Apart of it, if you stop yourself from being a spoiled person after having a lots of money, it would do even more wonder to you. Below is an example of where you can see the magic of money and makeup.

1) Aamir Liaquat

2) Mohammad Amir

3) Mahira Khan

4) Imran Abbas

5) Fawad Khan

6) Mawra Hocane

7) Atif Aslam

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Disagree with ,most pictures as every person goes through transformations from childhood to adulthood e.g, Mahira Khan, Mawra n Imran Abbas

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