Who does not want to become rich? right. Everyone wants financial freedom to fulfill their dreams and live their life to the fullest. Money isn't everything they say, but yet it is the most powerful tool that can bring so much in your life. This article is written keeping in mind the ground reality of Pakistan, by closely observing the richest people of Pakistan and what made them richest.

So, coming to the point. Here is a list of shortcuts that can make you billionaire in Pakistan. Of course it would take time, but these will make you rich ultimately if you have got consistency, persistence, a clever personality and a socializing skill.

1- Politics

Richest people in Pakistan are directly or indirectly from politics. MNAs and MPAs spend billions to get elected and they make much more than what they had spent. Like it is kind of investment that gets you massive returns. If you wish to be a powerful rich person, bet your life and get in to politics.

2- Media

People from Pakistani media are damn rich too. We are not talking about news anchors or news reporters, but people behind them, people who own these media channels, people who execute agendas. It is very commonly said that media has become so powerful that it can easily give a tough time to government or any other institution.

3- Real Estate Business

In last decade, we have witness the making of country's richest property tycoons. There are numerous societies in Pakistan whose owners have become more rich than the state itself. Leave those biggies, those agents who have offices in the street corners too are making big chunks without owning any property, all by dealing with others' property.

4- Government Officer

Spend two, three years,  prepare for CSS stuff, become custom officer, and you are on the path of being a rich and powerful person. Government officers become not just rich but powerful too, which is more important than being rich.

5- Religious Personality

Bitter truth. Most of people in Pakistan have blind faith in religious personalities. Those religious personalities come in politics and use the power of their followers. There are good people too. But most of religious personalities love money more than anything. Be one, and make money.

6- Army

Army gives you a lot of perks during your service as well as when you get retired. Join Pakistan army, serve your nation, get their love in return, as well as stable chunks of salary, massive property upon retirement, a life-long power to make your life easy.

7- Find someone who is already rich

This also works and it is widely used too. Find someone who is already rich and serve them. Serve them so well that they benefit you up to a level that makes you a rich person eventually. This would definitely take time, but hey... road to be rich is never easy.


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  1. last shortcut was good one .:P

  2. Exactly! Mostly people will go with the last option: D

  3. Shahid Mehmood2 July 2016 at 12:55

    YOu have missed one thing, choose a field of medication, no matter its Homeo, Allopathic, Herbal or any other.. Ever visited a Doctor, a Hakeem or Homeo Physician's clinic?


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