There are multiple education systems in Pakistan, and every one of them have their own curriculum. What is being taught in one system can be totally different than other educational systems. This badly needs to be addressed at first place. However, the public education system that is provided by government, is widely criticized for not telling the fair story of Pakistan.

It is now openly criticized on various shows across popular TV channels that we have a dire need to reconsider what is being taught, and we must tell the truth to our upcoming generations. There are many facts and theories that are not taught in schools. Such as;

1- Pakistan had a King

There was monarchy system in Pakistan from 1947 to 1956. The monarch was the monarch of the United Kingdom. The role of the monarch was defined under the Constitution. Most of the monarch's duties were carried out by the Governor-General of Pakistan. King George VI was King of Pakistan from 15 August 1947 to 6 February 1952.

2- Pakistan had a Queen

Queen Elizabeth II became the Queen of Pakistan on 6 February 1952 until 23 March 1956 when Pakistan adopted a new constitution. New constitution abolished the monarchy that make Pakistan a republic state.

3- Founders of Pakistan Lost Election

Founders of Pakistan including Fatima Jinnah, sister of Pakistan's founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah, couldn't win election when she decided to lead the nation. Historians know the game behind these elections. Same happened when Allama Iqbal's son came in politics. There is force in Pakistan stronger than its founders that never let Pakistan became a great country.

4- Army has ruled more than Civilians

This is well known fact that Pakistan's army has ruled the state for several decades. Democracy, every time it was given chance, failed to survive, and every time army had to took control of the country. There are several conspiracy theories that say that army officials strategically plan to derail democracy.

5- Good Brains are Fleeing from the country

Just last year, 1 million Pakistanis left the country to pursue their career in abroad. Since 2013, 2.32 million people have left their home country for overseas employments. In last three years, more than 5,000 Pakistanis cancelled their Pakistani citizenship after settling abroad after getting citizenship in those countries. This is an alarming situation, and no one cares.

6- Non-Muslim Achievers

It is criticized that why non-Muslim achievers are not discussed in text books of schools across country. There are, without any doubt, are numerous non-Muslims who did great things for the country, however their struggles and stories are not shared through text books.

7- True History

This is not a secret now. Many credible people criticize over media that Pakistanis must be taught the true history of Pakistan as official stories have been manipulated. A real picture can give this nation a chance to have a fair insights and facts in order to improve in future. ref

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