Aamir Liaquat is one of the most popular TV celebrity of Pakistan without any doubt. There is hardly any person who is not familiar with the name of Aamir Liaqat. There are numerous records on his name including live broadcasting show for 14 hours continuously on Geo TV. Earlier we wrote an article on how Aamir Liaqat become so popular, this time have a glance at some of the great facts about Aamir Liaqat.

1) Self-Proclaimed Islamic Scholar

He is widely criticized for his self-claimed label of Islamic Scholar. Various TV hosts and religious figures have straight away said Amir Liaqat has nothing to do with the religion, however Aamir Liaqat insists to be called as Islamic Scholar.

2) Served as Religious Minister

This might surprise you but he actually has served the nation as Minister of religious affairs between 2002 to 2007. He was elected as MNA too in 2002 on the ticket of MQM - a popular political party in Sindh.

3) Strong connection with MQM

He has strong connection with MQM. His father was also one of he main founding members of this political party. He was expelled from MQM in 2008, however it is widely spread that he is still secretly working for MQM.

4) President of GEO

He claims to be an Islamic Scholar, but he was the president of country's one of the most watched entertainment channel Geo TV that showcases every kind of entertainment, from songs to movies to concerts.

5) Biggest Marketing Team

He has a marketing team of more than 40 people who manage every marketing aspect of Aamir Liaqat, from print media marketing, to digital marketing, to managing his social media profiles. He always remain on front pages of popular newspapers of Pakistan.

6) Show Topper

He is now less known as Islamic Scholar and more known for his entertainment stunts. His every show remains in news for his publicity stunts and some times annoying yet entertaining games he conducts in his shows.

7) Fake Degree

It has been proved by various media houses that Aamir Liaqat's Bachelor degree as well as PhD degree is completely fake. You can read more on this topic at various authentic news sites how he got bachelors degree from a university in Karachi within 1 day, and how he purchased a fake PhD degree from a fake online university.

8) Fashion Brand

He also runs a fashion brand on his name. Aamir Liaqat Lawn's Aanchal is on way to become Pakistan's premium lawn brand just like Gul Ahmed Lawn and other leading lawn and women clothing brands in the country.

9) He is Actor too

Apart from being a Schoar, TV Host, Naat Khwuan and Producer, he is also an actor. He is currently working on a movie project that is directed by lollywood director Syed Noor.

10) He is one of world's Most Powerful Muslims

He has been included in the list of the 500 most influential Muslim personalities for the third consecutive time. World’s leading research organisation Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre has included him in its list.

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