Pakistan is home to approximately 22 crore (220 million) people that includes good and bad both. Every society consists of good and bad people indeed and it should not bring a bad name to the entire country, religion and race. This article is written keeping in mind the social trends through out the year and after analyzing who is discussed the most and for what reasons.

List you are going to see below includes the people who have been discussed widely and even set trends over twitter and Facebook for all the wrong reasons.

1) Qandeel Baloch

Wanna-be singer and self-proclaimed model Qandeel Baloch is the hottest Pakistani social media celebrity. She is popular for all the wrong reasons that include her strip dance, bikini photos, hate speeches and emotional videos. People hated her so much that they aggressively reported her Facebook page that eventually got blocked from Facebook, however she still runs a page. Whatever she did, not just made her popular on Facebook, but also makes her the most hated Pakistani on Facebook.

2) Nawaz Shareef

Pakistan's prime minister is the second most hated person as per social media trends. He has been discussed for all the wrong reasons including Panama leaks, allegedly fake open-heart surgery, wrong policies and poor political moves. 

3) Aamir Liaquat

Self-proclaimed Islamic Scholar Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain is one of the top hated personalities in Pakistan. Even though he gets sky-high ratings for his entertainment shows, but still social media does not like him much. He is mainly hated for his stupid stunts, fake degrees, lack of decency and controversial leaked videos.

4) Marvi Sirmad

She is a journalist and an active twitter celebrity. She is also a political commentator, freelance columnist, human rights activist and secularist. She is hated for her secular ideologies, negative views on Allama Iqbal and two-nation theory. Additionally she is aggressively disliked for her twitter fights.

5) Hamza Ali Abbasi

He is an actor, social activist and a Facebook celebrity. With millions of fans and followers over social media, he is also one of the most hated personality in Pakistan. His recent discussion over Ahmadi Community resulted ban on his Ramzan transmission. Additionally, he is widely hated for his opinions on every current affair.

6) Waqar Younis

He has set an example of converting his decade-long fans into hatters. His allegedly stupid decisions as coach of Pakistan cricket team, and his motivation-less remarks made him a hated personality in Pakistan.

7) Shahid Afridi

He also has made his position in the most hated personalities in Pakistan. A large amount of people, including his fans, has criticized him for his bad captaincy and not getting retirement after being in team for so long without any significantly consistent performance.

8) Javed Chaudhry

He is another popular journalist who is accused of doing biased reporting and having soft corners for a leading political party in Pakistan that is currently in government. He is also hated for spreading false reports through his Facebook page that has millions of fans.

9) Mawra Hocane

A young Pakistani actress who recently did a successful debut in Bollywood is one of  the most criticized personality in Pakistan. She is hated mainly for her social media statuses where she overly supports India that given her a name of tiddi.

10) Waqar Zaka

He has been hated since he is known on TV. He is mainly popular for his reality show called Living on the Edge. His attitude in the show, and his publicity stunts on Social media have made him another widely hated personality on social media.


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  1. Bakwaas hai agar Nawaz sharif hated person hota to log kiyo jeetwate bar bar?


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