Time is cruel and at the same time it is the greatest healer. Your decisions play a vital role in converting your bad time into good and good time into bad. Our actions has power to impress or depress others, our decisions can convert out friends into enemies, fans into haters and vice versa.

There are a number of Pakistanis, who, at times, enjoyed the spotlight and who were once not only the headlines but had a massive fan following. But, their actions had a huge impact and they started losing their fan following. Have a glance at some of the big names.

1) Waqar Younis

A superstar cricket of his time, a worst coach in the history of Pakistani Cricket  Team. He was accused of bringing aggressive politics into cricket team, demoralizing team and not admitting his failure at coaching. Rather he kept on blaming the team, resulting a massive reduction in fans.

2) Reham Khan

She was even called First Lady of Pakistan at numerious times. She immediately became famous internationally after marrying Imran Khan - PTI's Chairman. Her overly ambitious personality backfired that resulted into divorce, and all the spotlight she was enjoying. Qaum ki bhabhi, at that time, is now Qaum ki nothing. She recently even got fired from Neo TV for poor performance as a show host.

3) Sohail Ahmed

A stage comedian and popularly known as Azizi for his comedy show Hasb-e-Haal on Dunya News. He was cherished as a non-political comedian, but his recent speech reduced his fan following. He straight away supported PMLN in that speech and gave huge appreciation to Nawaz Sharif while criticizing Imran Khan, and even abusing him. His this bad move even caused his show getting low rating afterwards.

4) Tahir ul Qadri

A popular Islamic Scholar who is widely regarded as a religious personality who founded various Islamic institutions including Minhaj University and Minhaj ul Quran. His contradictory statements over the blasphemy law in Pakistan proven to be a wrong move that resulted him lose fan following among educated segments. Additionally, his political moves also played a role in losing fan following.

5) Ayyan

She was called a super model in the fashion industry. Every other model in the industry wanted to be like Ayyan due her lavishing and luxurious lifestyle. Her money laundering case, for time being, kept her in the spotlight, but in reality she lost the respect she had. Now she is known as a side-chick of political leaders.

6) Nawaz Sharif

With a political experience of 30 years, he failed to prove if he truly capable of running a country. Even though he still has support of blind followers, but he has lost a massive fans who believed in him. His bad policies, lack of coordination within his own party and corruption cases caused him losing support of his own supporters.

7) Adnan Sami

One of the most celebrated singers in Pakistan, Adnan Sami lost his Pakistani fan following when he renounced his Pakistani citizenship after getting Indian citizenship. He was last seen in Pakistan over a decade ago, yet he had love and respect from Pakistan. His decision of canceling Pakistani citizenship changed his fans into we-dont-care-anymore kind of people.


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  1. Imran khan should be on top due to massive lies and baseless statements. He has proven as leader of hypocrites. People even called him now bonga who said every thing which write on perchi without thinking. Lose massive fan base. We see him more time on tv channels due to massive media funding. After running of his brother in law election it prove that jewish lobby cjewishis behind him to unstable Pakistan. But it looks that his masters are now fed up with his bongian.

  2. Imran Khan has also lost huge fan following due to poor performance in KPK. People have not seen any real Change.

  3. Muhammad Xeeshan24 June 2016 at 08:57

    Side chick of political leaders.
    Brother it was Good

  4. Shehzad Khalil24 June 2016 at 18:31

    If you are not from KPK then shut up. IK is not only a politician but a sport personality and social worker. People in Afghanistan even respect him for SKMUH. Performance in KPK is pretty good and it is very visible unless someone is a patwari.

  5. Shehzad Khalil24 June 2016 at 18:35

    Molvi before opening your mouth just read what the title. IK has international fan followings and it has never dropped as more and more people are getting sick of Mullahs in our society.

  6. Brother, thank you for your good gesture for calling me Molvi which is the very highiest status of knowledge and 'hikmat', unfortunately I am not up to that level. In fact I am not talking about his blind followers but I am taking about those people who have sense of right and wrong. So please open your eyes and do not justify his lies and wrong doings.

  7. Shehzad Khalil27 June 2016 at 07:55

    I'll love to be enlightened. Please share with me a few of his wrongdoings and convince me that he has wronged the society more than mullahs. Fazlu is also a mullah, remember. I didn't justify anything. I am criticizing you for your baseless comment.


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