While fans mourn Amjad Sabri's departed soul, there is an artist who gave a tribute to Amjad Sabri. S.M Raza is a well known painter who along with a friend Aqib Faiz came up with an idea of drawing a mural for the rockstar of Qawwali. Aqib Faiz is the man behind Wall of Kindness project in Korangi, Karachi.

He wanted to draw the mural but couldn't draw, so he approached his friend S.M. Raza who is a professional muralist. They decided the location and painted the mural within 3 hours. They decided to draw the mural near Memon Institute beside Korangi. It's how Sabri's many fans and admirers will remember him in the years to come. And the mural's makers hope that their painting will help preserve this memory.

(S.M. Raza on left, Aqib Faiz on right)

You should also check S.M. Raza's previous outstanding mural art. He has plans to draw a mural of Edhi next week in Karachi.

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