Pakistan is one of the most resilient nations. In a recent Gallup International's Survey, Pakistanis were ranked world's 3rd nation who is always ready for fight for their country. Since Pakistanis are one of the most patriotic nations, one must be careful while talking against Pakistan in front of a patriotic Pakistan. Make sure you never say these 10 things to a Pakistani.

1) Never say a word against Army

For many Pakistanis, Army is a sacred institution and they would never hear a word against Pakistan Army. Better never to start a topic or discuss Pakistan Army in a negative way.

2) Never Speak against their Sect

Pakistan has several sects including Sunni, Wahabi, Shia etc. A wise man would never talk on sect in any part of the world. So, be a wise man and don't try to prove which sect is better than other sects.

3) Never speak against Islam

Never, ever, talk against Islam. Pakistan has blasphemy laws, but you might land into court as people will do justice by themselves if you did talk anything bad of Islam in front of Pakistanis.

4) Never speak against their favorite political party

You can not convince a PPP worker to like PTI, and you can never convince a MQM worker to like PMLN. Their leaders might show love for other parties, but generally their workers got no soft side for other parties. Better not to discuss politics in depth.

5) Never discuss western-culture

Don't try to make western-culture look better than the culture that exists in Pakistan. Majority of Pakistanis won't approve your remarks and such conversations can lead to severe consequences.

6) Women being given freedom

Nops. Majority won't endorse your statement on women empowerment. even though you can discuss it with intellects, but still. Majority of Pakistanis believe the best place for a woman is within four walls. Don't put yourself in stressful condition and never waste your energy convincing others on women freedom.

7) Secularism in country

Majority will break your face if you would try to convince them making Pakistan a secular country. They have read throughout their life that Pakistan was founded on the idea of two-nation theory and it was always supposed to be an Islamic country. So, safe your face.

8) Never say Pakistan is a terrorist country

Nops, Nops, Nops. This is the worst thing you can say to a patriotic Pakistan. Even though world's most wanted militant were caught in Pakistan, yet it is completely irrelevant trying someone someone to convince on this subject. 

9) Never say Pakistani actress doing Bollywood is good

Progressive Pakistanis might support you on this, yet majority wouldn't approve you on this. Even though almost all Pakistan love watching Bollywood movies, yet they won't like their own actresses working for Indian movies.

10) Never speak bad of China

China's friendship with Pakistan is considered to be deepest than oceans. So, never talk against their friend too. Even though a recent report shows that most of Chinese are not very well informed on Pakistan, yet Pakistanis insist on their version of friendship with China.

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