Qandeel Baloch has become a hot cake in the news channels. Print media, electronic media, social media, Qandeel Baloch has taken over all the channels. She is probably the most discussed figure these days. Before Mufti's scandal, she was popular for her bikini dance and comments on Afridi.

And even before that, she was known for posting her bold pictures on her official Facebook page. And much before that, she was in spotlight for her auditions in Pakistan Idol. But there are so many things no one knows as such now. You might be surprised to know some her struggles and what she went through.

1) Her Real Name is Fozia Azeem

Qandeel Baloch's real name is Fozia Azeem and she was born on 1 March 1990.

2) She has 4 brothers

One is in Saudi Arabia, second in police, third a drug addict and fourth is in school.

3) She was born in a small village in Dera Ghazi Khan

She is from Shah Sadar Din, a village in Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab.

4) She fell in love when she was in 8th standard

She was in 8th class when she fell in love with a boy from a nearby village called Shah Lond.

5) Both decided to run from home and marry

After some time, they decided to get married.

6) His boyfriend ditched her just after few days without marrying

She dared to leave her home for the boy, but he ditched her and left her.

7) She decided not to go back home

She had a choice to go back home and apologize, rather she decided to not to go home and do something for herself to survive.

8) She started the job of a bus hostess

She reached Multan and there she did the job of bus hostess in a private bus company

9) She changed her identity from Fozia Azeem to Qandeel Baloch

It was the time when she changed her identity from Fozia Azeem to Qandeel Baloch. She used the word Baloch as she originally belongs to a Baloch clan called Mohrra.

10) She jumped into Fashion industry with new name

After she became a little stable, she jumped into fashion industry and started doing local ads.

11) She went to South Africa for three years

Then came a time when she allegedly went to South Africa and there she spent three years. Now was the time when she started sending money back to home as well.

12) Later spent several years in Middle East

After South Africa, she went to Dubai and other countries in Middle East, where, too, she spend many years.

She came back to Pakistan, and rest is in the news.

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