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28 Most Beautiful Places of Swat Valley You Must Visit

Swat, the land of romance and beauty, is celebrated throughout the world as the holy land of Buddhist learning and piety. Swat acquired fame as a place of Buddhist pilgrimage. Buddhist tradition holds that the Buddha himself came to Swat during his last reincarnation as the Guatama Buddha and preached to the people here. It is said that the Swat was filled with fourteen hundred imposing and beautiful stupas and monasteries, which housed as many as 6,000 gold images of the Buddhist pantheon for worship and education. There are now more than 400 Buddhist sites covering and area of 160 Km in Swat valley only. Among the important Buddhist excavation in swat an important one is Butkarha-I, containing the original relics of the Buddha.

The lush-green valley of Swat, with its rushing torrents, icy-cold lakes, fruit-laden orchards and flower-decked slopes is ideal for holidaymakers. It has a rich historical past, too. This is "Udayana" (The Garden) of the ancient epics; the land of enthralling beauty, where Alexander of Macedonia fought and won some of his major battles before crossing over to the delta of Indus River. This is the 'valley of hanging chairs', as described by the famous Chinese pilgrim-chroniclers, Huaen Tsang and Fa-Hian in the fifth and sixth centuries. Swat was once the cradle of Buddhism of all of its schools – Mahayana, Hinayana and Tantrayana, where once 1,400 monasteries flourished. It was the home of the famous Gandhara School of Sculpture that was an expression of Greco-Roman form in the local Buddhist tradition.

Swat was also the historical land where the Muslim conquerors, Mahmud of Ghazni, Babur of Ferghana and Akbar fought their battles preparatory to the conquest of South Asia. The valley of Swat sprawls over 10,360 sq. km at an average elevation of 875 metres. The maximum temperature in July is 38 C and minimum (during January) is 1 C. The normal temperature is maximum 21 C and minimum 7 C. The tourist season is year-round. Some of the most breathtaking and interesting places to visit in Swat valley are as follow:

1) Alpurai, Swat

2) Bahrain, Swat

3) Cheel, Madyan, Swat

4) Fazigat Park, Swat

5) Gabral River, Swat

6) Hindukush Mountain Range, Swat

7) Jarogo Waterfall, Swat

8) Kalakot Village, Swat

9) Kalam Forest, Swat

10) Kalam Town, Swat

11) Kandol Lake, Kalam, Swat

12) Madyan, Swat

13) Mahodand Lake, Swat

14) Malam Jabba, Swat

15) Mankial Village, Swat

16) Matiltan, Kalam, Swat

17) Miandam, Swat

18) Saidgai Lake, Upper Swat

19) Saifullah Lake, Near Mahodand Lake, Kalam, Swat

20) Sair Village, near Malam Jabba

21) Shahi Bagh near Gabral, Swat

22) Shangla Top, Swat

23) Shingardar Stupa, Ghalegay, Swat

24) Shingrai Waterfall, Swat

25) Swat Waterfall

26) White Palace, Swat

27) Spin Khwar Lake, Swat

28) Khapero Lake, Swat

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