A social setting or a society becomes mediocre or progressive depending on what culture prevails there. A society where majority of people are living below poverty, would definitely go through several social challenges. Additionally, if the society is also suffering from unemployment, not being given justice, and facing poorest form of law and order, than many social issues would take birth.

I have aggregated the best quotes about society, quotes that shows the reality of society, quotes that are all about people of Pakistan and their lives. These powerful quotes about society are to perfectly repeatable no matter whichever city you live in. Because our society, moashra, mahol, or whatever you call it, needs many social reforms in order to become a progressive society. Give a read to these 30 Powerful Urdu Quotes about Society and People that show you reality.

Yakeenan hamain apne moashry ko behtar bnanay keliye bohat kuchh karna hoga, tabhi ham Pakistani moashry me se in burayon ko nikaal sakengy, warna Pakistani moashry ki burayan hamain kabhi aagy nahi barhne dengi. Umeed hai apko yeh aqwal-e-zareen, akwal e zari, pasand ayengy. aap isko Facebook status ya twitter tweet ke zariye hi sahi, par dusro tak lazmi pohanchayein.

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