Born in 1928, Abdul Sattar Edhi started humanitarian work in 50s and never went even a step back. In 2013, he was regarded as world's greatest humanitarian alive by Huffington Post. He was known as Angel of Mercy and was considered Pakistan's 'most respected' and legendary figure. On 25 June 2013, Edhi's kidneys failed; it was announced that he would be on dialysis for the rest of his life unless he found a kidney donor.

Edhi died on 8 July 2016 at the age of 88 due to kidney failure after having been placed on a ventilator. His last wishes included the request that his organs were to be donated but due to his ill health, only his corneas were suitable. He was laid to rest at the Edhi Village Karachi.

Edhi's life is a guiding light for the rest of humanity, and specially for those who want to do something for others.

1) No Religion is Greater Than Humanity

You can understand this phrase without going deep into it, without the sense of spirituality this phrase may even offend you. But in reality, no religion is greater than humanity, and this is what Edhi always tried to teach us.

2) You Don't Need a PhD to Serve Humanity

Edhi wasn't a Harvard graduate or had a degree from Oxford, and neither you need one to serve humanity. All you need is sincere intentions and a pure heart to serve the mankind.

3) You Don't Need to be Rich to Help Others

Right now, whatever your financial status or social class is, you still have enough power and resources to help people around you. You do not necessarily need to be a Bill Gates to help others, and Edhi proves this so well.

4) Being Consistently Kind is what Matters the Most

Being kind once in a blue moon won't create a lasting impact. You must be kind consistently to others. Kindness isn't like mood swings, like in mornings you are kind and in evening your heart gets no feelings for the mankind. It is neither a show business; pretending to be kind in order to impress others isn't kindness at first place.

5) An Individual Can Have a Solid Impact over Society

You are fair enough to create a social impact. You do not need a team of ten people to start being kind to others. You alone are enough to do your part. All you need is to take first step, without worrying about rewards and recognition.

6) You Can win the Hearts with Your Simplicity

You do not need to be a real estate tycoon like Malik Riaz, or businessman like Mian Mansha, or a powerful politician like Imran Khan to win the hearts of society. You can do with your simplicity too while being kind to others.

7) Road to Kindness is Never Easy

Road to kindness is not easy. It do require sacrifices. It do become tough at times. We can learn from the life of Abdul Sattar Edhi too, at times he also had to flew from Pakistan as agencies were trying to use him to create a pressure group against government. He tried to bring change through politics, but couldn't win election during 70s. He was arrested by Israeli troops in Lebanon during 80s. He was detained several times during 2000s. His trusted people looted his house in 2010s too, but he didn't stop from being kind to others.

There are definitely so much more, so much that we can read an entire book as he is such an inspirational personality. May his soul rest in heaven, and may we all follow his mission.

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