Mosque or Masjid, such a beautiful place it is to connect with Almighty, but it seems the modern world is ruining the essence of this place as most of famous mosques in Pakistan have become more of tourist places than a place to worship and offer prayer. Being a traveler you might find it an interesting idea to visit a country's places where people worship, but being a religious person you might feel a little bad about it.

And being a rational person, you would definitely find it alarming that prominent mosques in Pakistan are being more actively visited by photographers than for those people for whom it is actually built. Some of such mosques are part of this list.

1) Bahria Grand Mosque

Grand Jamia Mosque is located in Bahria Town, Lahore. Its construction was completed in 2014. It was designed by Nayyar Ali, a Pakistani architect. It can accommodate a total of 70,000 worshipers in its main areas including indoors and courtyard. It has become a popular place for wedding photoshoots.

2) Faisal Masjid

It was designed by a Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay and its construction was completed in 1986. It was ranked as largest mosque in the world from 1986 to 1993. Approx 74,000 people can offer prayer within main areas and up to 200,000 people can offer prayer in adjoining grounds. However, it is more of a popular Photography place.

3) Badshahi Masjid

It was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and its construction was completed in 1673. Currently, it is 5th largest mosque in the world. It has capacity of 100,000 people. It is more of a tourist place than a place to worship, you would only see rush of people on Eid or when some religious scholar is visiting this place for special sermon.

4) Wazir Khan Mosque

Wazir Khan Mosque was built in 1635 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. This mosque is named after then-governor of Lahore Hakim Shaikh Alim-ud-din Ansaro who was commonly known as Wazir Khan. People mostly visit this mosque just because they want to see the infrastructure of walled city of Lahore.

5) Sukh-Chain Society Mosque

Even though this is a private society's mosque, but still people from other areas visit this mosque mostly to see the fascinating design of this mosque, and many left the mosque even without offering 2 nafal there.

6) Bhong Masjid, Sadiqabad

It has become an attraction of Sadiqabad. Whenever wanderers visit this place, they too just visit it for photography, and they too left the mosque without offering a prayer of gratitude.

7) Abbasi Masjid

Having 3 domes and 4 minarets,  this mosque is an exact replica of Moti Masjid at Red Fort in Delhi, and was built in 1844 A.D. Some 100km away from Bahawalpur, this mosque is also visited for photography charms.

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