Saturday, 2 July 2016

This 'Single Pasli' Pakistani Became Mr. Pakistan 2016

Waqas Tariq, Mr. Pakistan 2016, was the way he looks right now. He was not even close what he is up to now. Those biceps, triceps, shoulders, wings, thighs, didn't look like this few years ago, not even ten percent of that. Waqas Tariq used to be a very thin, or what people call in Pakistan very 'Single Pasli' kind of boy. However, one fine day, he decided to get out of his comfort zones and stretch the body to its maximum, and that day was the first day of Mr. Pakistan 2016 in making.

Belonging from Gujranwala, Waqas Tariq has won numerous awards in bodybuilding competitions. Including Mr. Gujranwala, Champion Punjab and several others in UAE too. His transformation from a slim lad to a outstanding bodybuilder definitely gives all of us a bodybuilding goal as well as gives us motivation to some real good things with our body.

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