Some say she has drunk elixir of life while others say she is an immortal beauty, Pakistan's Mahnoor Baloch has been crush of generations. She started her career in 1985 however she got by her TV serial Marvi in 1993. Winning numerous awards, Mahnoor Baloch is considered one of the finest faces in the industry, but this is not the reason behind her fame.

Rather she is famous for refusing no to aging. While her real age is a myth, historians guess that she is at least 50+ year old keeping in mind her age when she started working in the industry. It is worth mentioning that her daughter, Laila Hameed, is also married, which makes Mahnoor's looks at this age even more mysterious.

Mahnoor's pictures from her recent tour to Greece and other countries in Europe, went viral on social media and netizens didn't spare her. While she is widely appreciated for her young looks at this age, many trolled her saying she is the one who used to be crush of their forefathers and now she is crush of current generation.

Social media spares no one, and this is somehow beauty of social media too that we get entertained by having a look at other sides than just general perceptions. Moving on to her from Europe tour photos that went viral.

(Mahnoor Baloch on her daughter's wedding)

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