A few weeks ago, Amjad Sabri was killed in Karachi and everyone issued certification of Shahadat for him, without leaving this matter to Almighty. It was justified with Hadith that a sudden death is a called a Shahadat no matter what. Keeping that in mind, should we call Qandeel Baloch a Shaheed too? Since she was also killed ruthlessly by her brother in the name of honor, which makes it a sudden death?

OR, society is greater than Almighty to judge someone who deserves the title of shahadat and who is a disgrace? What need to be realized that either every sudden death is Shahadat or society should keep their minds away from distributing titles of Shahadat to anyone.

It is sad that a major chunk in Pakistani society is celebrating the killing of Qandeel Baloch. A society is already popular for their internet searches. It must be taken in to account that PTA has blocked p()orn sites, yet the VPN servers such as Hola and Hotspot Shield show all such sites as most visited sites in Pakistan.

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