A group of three enterprising young Britons left England in two 4X4 vehicles on a grueling expedition to drive 65,000 km to New Zealand to raise money for charity. They meet up with 17 Pakistani members of the 4X4 Offroaders Club Karachi who drove to Taftan, a mysterious deserted place located in Kharan district of Balochistan. What they saw there is absolutely jaw dropping.

They saw some odd tombs there that looked completely strange in such a deserted place far away from towns and cities. They saw ten tombs, and all were filled with skulls and bones.  There were numerous tombs that were completely ruined, but some of these tombs had openings leading to chambers full of human skeletons in it.

Each tomb had two, three levels and all were filled with such ruins of history and humans. The 1st level is filled with many skulls & bones, but the 2nd level contains only 1 skeleton, as if the tomb belongs to a family with the whole family on the 1st level & the man of the house on the 2nd.

Nobody knows the history of these tombs which makes them more mysterious and bone-chilling. If you are a historian or like visiting archaeological sites, do pay a visit to give yourself a surprise.

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