Saturday, 16 July 2016

This Man Trusts Others and Leaves his Shop Open Every Night

You might have heard that people in Saudi Arabia remain their shops open when they go to offer prayer. But did you know there is a man in Lahore who remains his vegetable shop open every night when he leaves for home. Meet Muhammad Habeeb, a small vegetable shop owner in Gulberg Main Market, Lahore.

This might surprise you that Habeeb leaves his shop every night that shows his trust in society. He says that he leaves his shop open so if anyone needs vegetables during late hours they could get it easily. He says that he has left a book there so whoever gets vegetable in his absence, can write the quantity of items they purchased, and they can pay later when they visit his shop in the day time any other day.

These photos were put on Facebook by a user called Arsalan who broke this story of trust and business. This surely shows the level of trust that prevails in the society and how trust can be success factor of a business.

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