I am going to write this article for those so-called religious Pakistanis who have always been uploading statuses on Facebook asking people to boycott Jew products. By Jew products, they actually mean the products that have manufactured and produced by companies that are owned by Jews. But is that a practical way in this modern era?

I mean, most of the things you are enjoying today have been produced by Jews, can you even imagine a life on the internet without major websites? most people know nothing about internet except 3, 4 websites, that too are owned or founded by Jews.

The point I want to make here is, this ideology of banning products has now been abandoned, specially in the time of internet. Devices you use and the websites you open are mostly founded by those Jews, how about boycotting them? nahh.. you can't because you know these products are extremely useful and have become a necessity of life and you can never convince people to not to use these websites unless PTA forcefully block these websites.

To all such keyboard-jahadis who actually have no contribution in the modern world, yet all they do is shouting against others and trying to hide their failures behind those shouts, this list of websites is for them. From today, try not to use them if you got balls of steel.

1) Google

It was founded by Larry Page, Sergey Brin in 1998. Both are Jews. Bismillah yahan se karen, and try to boycott this website, try to live an internet life without using Google or any of its subsidiary websites.

2) Facebook

You read it right. It was a Jew who founded that website in 2004. Repeating it again, Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew, don't use that website from today. He also owns Instagram so count that website owned by a Jew too.

3) YouTube

Damn, this is going to be hard for you to boycott. But let me tell you YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki is also a Jew. Try not to watch YouTube videos from today and stick to its poor-duplicate Pakistani versions.

4) Wikipedia

Yo bro. The website that help you make your assignments most of the times, is also founded by a Jew. Jimmy Wales is a Jew.

5) Ask.com

You might open this website too sometimes if you are a college graduate and look for ready made answers for your assignments. Bad news for you, this was also founded by a Jew, Garrett Gruener.

6) Tumblr

How can we forget this blogging platform. Just for your knowledge, this platform is also founded by a Jew, David Karp.

7) NetFlix

Even though Netflix is not much popular in Pakistan, yet it is one of the most popular website. So for your surprise, this is also founded by a Jew, Reed Hastings.

8) Wix.com

Poor souls use this website to create their miserable and free websites. This is also founded by a Jew, Avishai Abrahami.

9) Quora.com

You might have never opened this website directly, but search engines have shown you Quora links for your search query. Well, this one is also owned by a Jew, Adam D’Angelo. Another website like this is Answers.com that is also owned by a Jew, Bob Rosenschein.

10) Twitter

Yo boys, Twitter is also co-founded by a Jew, Noah Glass. How about a boycott, ummm? But I guess it is going to be hard for you, nai?

11) Vimeo

Yes, Vimeo, the video service most of you use to uploaded their videos in HD, and your portfolios among other stuff. This one is also founded by a Jew, Zach Klein.

12) Yahoo

Damn, this should not be owned by Jews at least. We all used Yahoo Messenger for casual chit chat. But hey, Current CEO Marissa Mayer, and even previous CEO, both are Jews.

13) Pinterest

Yup, this fancy website is also founded and owned by a Jew, Ben Silbermann. It might be easy to boycott it because Pakistanis don't even know how to use this website.

14) eHow.com

This one also pops up most of times in search engines and it is quite popular website too. And a news for you is, it is also founded by a Jew, Richard Rosenblatt.

15) DailyMotion.com

This YouTube's alternative is also founded and owned by a Jew, Benjamin Bejbaum. Please try boycotting this website, at least this one.

16) Linkedin

Jobless souls, I found you so active on Linkedin these days. But hey, do you know this website is also founded by a Jew, Reid Hoffman. Even though this got recently acquired by Microsoft, but what you have been up to all these days?

17) PayPal

Even though this website is not officially available for Pakistanis, yet this is one of the most used websites in Pakistan, and Pakistanis keep on looking tricks to use this website using Payoneer, a relative in abroad, or other tricks. But hey, the CEO of PayPal is a Jew, Dan Schulman.

18) SnapChat

I just love those dog filters, probably you too. But why don't you boycott this application as it is also founded by a Jew, Evan Spiegel.

I am just tired writing the list now, as there are so many more websites and popular smartphone applications that are founded and owned by Jews, like Reditt, Imgur, Getty Images, Adobe etc. There many other core technologies too that are founded by Jews like Oracle, C++ etc, but lets first boycott the list of websites given above.

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