What Qandeel Baloch's brother did to protect his family's honor is raise questions about values and culture that prevails in Pakistan. Yet again a case protecting family's honor has shed dark light on Pakistan's global image as a progressive society. What happened to Pakistan's this social media celebrity has shown the dark face of society.

While international media is showing concerns, majority of Desis in Pakistan are celebrating what her brother did to her, and that is even worse. No one deserves what happened to Qandeel Baloch in the light of any religion or law. But did we really learn something out of it? we really need to learn and improve our society, else we will remain what we are.

1) Never Be Bold in Mediocre Cultures

You will have to pay the price of being bold in a narrow minded society. Being bold is not just about removing clothes, being bold is rather living up to an idea that others might never appreciate. What just happened proves being bold is a social crime.

2) Never Mess with Powerful People

A conspiracy theory says that some religious clerics, who were seen in scandals with Qandeel, were behind the case of Qandeel Baloch, and they were the people who motivated Qandeel's brother.

3) Never trust anyone when you have gone too far

When you have had become a social rebel, never trust anyone as a credible support, specially in a society who has a history of cheating their own leaders. Whom to trust when your own family is after your life? no one.

4) Never expect your Facebook fans are your well wishers

No matter how many millions fans or how many thousands friends you have on social media like Facebook. They are never going to support you practically. They are on your Facebook to get entertained and to see how you can serve them a purpose, and they are never going to speak for your any day.

5) Never be true about your ambitions publicly

Pretend. Always pretend to be nice and sweet person. Society can easily be fooled with sweet words, and being true about your ambitions can easily offend them, particularly in society we live in. She has always been bold and open about her ambitions, that offended deep down to every narrow mind.

6) Never go against your family

If you belong to a mediocre family, chances are, they will disown you if you tried to do something bold. What she did was surely a bold step, but the kind of family she had was also indicated that mediocre families can't withstand bold decisions of their children.

7) Never forget you are a woman

In sub-continent, world didn't change for women. No matter its progressive India or Islamist Pakistan, women have always been used as an object. Never ever forget you live in a society that treats women no more than a tool.

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